How to get healthy and glowing skin

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Many of us tried various ways to get fairer skin like creams, facepack and also remedies tomato juice, sandal pack, lemon juice, rose water. Many of you got result but some people don't get any result. 

So today in this blog we are going to discuss how actually you will get fair skin.

Healthy skin Vs Fair skin 

Their is misconception that fairer skin is healthy skin but the facts healthy skin doesn't means fairer skin.
We should always try to get healthy not to get fair skin because healthy skin looks fresh, it glows and looks good. And fair skin means the color of the skin its not related to healthy skin. The color of the skin depends upon the melanin pigment which are produced by melanosite cells. Melonosite pigment are present bezel layer of our skin.

Our color of the skin also depends on our genetics which we get from parents. We all have same no of melonosite cells but the pigment production and type is depnds upon our genes. So the more melanin your have the more chances that you will have dark tones.

Skin tones also depends on where u live , how protect your skin from sun, what skin care product you are using.
Whenever stay outside of your home for long time in sun your skin produces more and more melanin which protects your skin from UV rays coming from the sun. You can say melanin is a natural umbrella of your skin which blocks the harmful radiation coming from the skin . It prevents skin cancer , hyperpigmentation, premature aging etc.

But when our skin becomes dark due to high sun exposer then we our occurs dark spots which we call Sun Tan.

So you can only avoid hyperpigmentation but you cannot do anything of your genetic complexion. You cannot get fair skin with fair cream or any home remedy. I am not saying it doesn't works it depends upon your skin type. Sometimes it will work but also can damage skin. You can only get your actual complexion or treat sun tan or hyperpigmentation. You can sun tan and hyperpigmentation by removing the dead skin layer by light treatment, exfoliatation etc

How to get healthy skin instead of fair skin?

You can achieve healthy and glowing skin but you cannot change you natural complexion the skin.

So here some tips to keep you skin healthy and glowing which you can add in your daily routine

1. Healthy and Balance diet

For healthy skin you should have healthy diet for this can have Vitamin C rich or Citrus fruits foods like Oranges, lemon etc which contains antioxidents that protect you from free redicle damges.

2. Regular Exercise 

Regular exercise in the morning will help in better blood circulation in you skin and leads better glowing skin and removal of all toxins from the skin.

3. Use sun screen to protect skin sun

This is the most important steps need to be followed. We cannot always be in our home. We need to go outside in the sun for shopping, meeting friends and relatives but sun will damage skin so do we protect skin from sun damage? 

Always use broad spectrum sun screen  which is SPF 30 which will give protection from UV  A rays, UV B rays and infrared. There are lot of sunscreen according to you skin types. It also prevents Sun tan and hyperpigmentation.

4. Always hydrate your skin 

To hydrate use moisturisers which also very very important point to be followed. A unhydrated skin looks dull. Using moisturizers your skin will never dry and will not look dull.

5. Avoid oily and Junk

Avoid having oily and junk food because having this type of food will make your body dirty from inside. Skin is the reflection of what's happening inside your body.

6. Drink lots of water

As I said in 4th step to hydrate your skin use moisturizer but how will you will hydrate your body from outside? Drinking lots of water will help you to hydrate your body from inside and it also helps to remove dirt stucked inside your body.

7. Wash your skin water

Wash you face 2 times a day if your skin is acne prone then use cleanser to wash your face twice a week also exfoliate your skin

8. Never use untrustworthy product

Always avoid using unknown or untrustworthy product steroids containing products. If you using it 
use it by reading the what type of chemicals it is made of up otherwise it will damage you skin instead of curing it.

If you follow all the steps mentioned above it will help you to get more and more healthy skin. 

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