3 Simple steps to boost your immunity and find your immunity score

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Immunity is the defense mechanism which protects our body from viruses and diseases. Its made up with Immune System Cells and Protein. Both continuously fight together to make our body viruses and diseases like our soldiers on border fight against enemies to protect our country.

So how do they work? There are 2 types immune cells one is Non-stop cells and other is T cell. Non-step cells do patrolling they work continuously and whenever they detect any virus entering our body they alert the T cells. T cells plays most important role they create antibodies which are T type structure that they are called T cells. These antibodies are made of protein. These antibodies kills all the viruses. 

Generally antibodies all only activated when new kind virus is detected or couldn't be destroyed by the Non-stop working cells.

Here various question arises. Is body immune system is good enough so that it can protect you from viruses or diseases ? If not what should I do how can build strong immune system? How will I know that my Immune system is strong enough to fight against any new kind of virus?

Well today we gonna discuss about all these question in this blog so kindly read till end.

Whenever we eat food all the time, our body gets dirty from inside which automatically attracts germs but if your body is clean that will lead to high immunity. So a clean body is equivalent to high immunity.

So how will you know that body is clean or you immunity is strong or not?

There are 8 clear signs of good immunity which help you to know that you have strong immunity or not

1. Daily Bowl Movement

This the first sign of good immunity. This the number times a person should poop daily. A person should have atleast one bowl movement everyday. You should clear your stomach daily after you wake up. If you are not, it means you are stacking the waste inside your body which needs to be leave. Which is not sign of good immunity.

2. No Excess Weight

Having daily bowl movement will automatically leads to normal body weight. But if your stomach will not get cleared properly your weight will automatically increase. 

3. Clear Skin 

Your skin is the reflection of things happening inside your body. If you are getting acne, spots, rashes on our skin that means your blood is not clean or there is waste inside our blood. If your skin is clean and clear it means your blood is clean.

4. Absence of laziness 

We feel lazy when our body is not clean from inside or when the is stucked inside our body. If your feeling lazy after waking up in the morning this means you lacking the sign of Absence of Laziness.
But if you are energetic throughout the day then congrats.

5. Experiencing a strong sense of hunger

Some of us always feels our stomach full which means that the meal inside is still not digested. The person who have strong immunity will naturally experience strong sense of hunger once or twice a day.

6. Experiencing deep sleep

Waking up in the middle of the night or taking time to fall asleep leads to lack of deep sleep. So what is deep sleep or how will you know that you are having deep sleep or not?

Well if you sleep at night and waking up directly in the morning and you fall asleep within 5 min after getting into bed means you are getting good deep sleep.

7. No pain in the body 

If your feeling pain in your body like back pain , headache etc. this leads lack of 7th sign. No part of the should call out for you attention.

8. Experiencing positive thoughts

If your stressed or getting angry on small things it means you not meeting this sign. If your body is not clean from inside, how can expect our thoughts to be clean.

So these are the 8 signs good immunity. If your body is lacking any of these signs then your body is not properly clean from inside.

Now how can we build a strong immunity system and get clean body from inside. As we told earlier that we are tell 3 simple steps to increase you immunity. Lets begin

1. Always eat your dinner before 6 P.M 

If your having you dinner before 6 PM then till 10 AM next morning you shouldn't consume any solid food. You can have water after 6PM and before 10AM in the morning you may take any fresh vegetable juice, green juice, fresh coconut water etc. 

But you shouldn't take tea, coffee, milk soup, fruit or fruit juice between 6PM to 10AM because at between this time you are leaving your body on cleaning mode. But if taking any kind of solid food when your body is cleaning itself, your body will now leave the cleaning starts to digest the food which means your body will not getting time clean itself and your body will get dirty and attracts germs inside your body. 

2. Eat only fruits for breakfast 

After following the first eat any fruits available to you . Whichever fruit you have it as your morning breakfast. But remember you can have 2-3 fruits at a time. Avoid breads, cereal, sausage, pancake, idli, dosa, tea or coffee as breakfast.

Fruits are easy to digest. It takes only 3 hours to digest. But bread, cereal, and other grains like food takes 18 hours to digest. Fruits works as cleansing because of they mostly contain water and they don't stick inside your body. Other hand grains food have no water that's why take long time to digest.

3. Eat only one gran meal a day

This is the last and final step you need to follow. Having one grain meal for a day is enough for your body. You can have the grain meal in lunch like rice , pulse and 3-4 kind of mixed vegetable. Vegetables will help to digest grains faster . And in dinner before 6PM have soup or salad. You don't need to have grain meal two times instead you can swap this by having salad in lunch and grain meal in dinner.

After following these 3 simple steps for a week you will definetly find difference. You will notice that you are meeting all the 8 signs of good immunity. You excess weight will start decrease, your skin will become brighter and clearer. When you will wake up in the morning you feel energetic there will be no laziness. You will also start having deep sleep. And you will experience no pain in your body also you will experience positive thoughts.

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